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Christian Formation Workshop: The Holy Spirit

By Pastor Chase Davis in The Well 11 months ago | 1618 views
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Christian Formation Workshops are now offered by The Well to further your discipleship. We will offer two this fall and two in the spring. These workshops are intended to discuss a topic in the Christian faith and its relevance for your growth in Christ.

Do you wonder what the purpose of the Holy Spirit is? Do you have questions about the Holy Spirit and its relevance for your life? Are you interested in learning about how the Holy Spirit interacts with the church and spiritual giftings? In this workshop, we’ll learn and apply wisdom from the Bible in how we relate to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit actively conforms us to Jesus, yet is often misunderstood and unappreciated. Dr. Dave Morlan, Ph.D. Durham University and Pastor at Fellowship Denver, will be teaching this workshop.

Be sure to RSVP for this free event where you can learn about the importance of the Holy Spirit in making you more like Jesus. 

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Discussion about this event

Matt Bentley on 09/29/2017

I’ll be out of town at a conference… Any chance I could Skype in, or that the Well would broadcast it on Zoom or something (my account can host up to 50 people)?

I’m all about the Spirit (just like I’m all about the Word), and would love to be a part of the workshop.

Pastor Matt Patrick on 09/30/2017

I’m so excited to have Dr. Morlan come and teach. You won’t want to miss this!

Catherine Herndon on 10/01/2017

Either alex or I will be there!

Caitlin Dorazio on 10/05/2017

I’m coming from coaching a class but I will head there as soon as I get done!

Maggie Costley on 10/09/2017

Don’t forget to RSVP

Pastor Chase Davis on 10/11/2017

Got to talk with Dave Morlan a couple of days ago about what he’ll be teaching. You don’t want to miss out.

Pastor Matt Patrick on 10/17/2017

See you all tonight! Try and be here a few minutes before we start.

Pastor Chase Davis on 10/17/2017

Here’s a link to the book Dave mentioned by Gary Tyra called The Holy Spirit in Mission – The Holy Spirit in Mission: Prophetic Speech and Action in Christian Witness

Julie Woods on 10/18/2017

Thanks for doing this! It was awesome!

October 17
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
1237 Pine Street
CO 80302
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69 people
are coming
Becca Karner (2)

Marissa Beene (1)

Mike Bloomquist (2)

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